Deposit Unused Appliances/Furniture In Recycling Facilities

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Preparing for a move often rhymes with excellent spring cleaning! Indeed, moving is often an opportunity to do an excellent job of sorting in his business to “alleviate” a little … But what to do with all the objects you no longer need? Throw them in the trash? It would be a shame! You could offer them a second life! Here are our moving tips for throwing thoughtfully. For objects that you no longer need and that are out of order, they can find a second life in recycling. You can deposit these objects in a recovery center and bulky input or request collection at the local service of the cleanliness of your municipality. The purposes will then be taken directly to your home on a pre-agreed date.

What Can You File?

Overall, you can deposit all types of furniture regardless of their size. It can be a wardrobe, a chair as a bed frame, or a mattress. You can also drop appliances, refrigerator or oven, for example. End-of-life computers can also be deposited in a recycling facility.

What Are The Fates Of These Objects?

Your old furniture can be recycled and used to make new wood panels, new metal or plastic parts.

For appliances and computers, their components are separated and sorted, in particular, to avoid pollution risks. The components that can be (ferrous metals, noble metals, glass, plastics) will be recycled and used to make new components. So the loop is complete!

And for items that you may need later but cannot follow at first, you can rent a storage box near you.

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